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One-of-a-kind sustainable womenswear made in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, ohio

one-of-a-kind sustainable womenswear


A whole new life

Reworked Vintage

Altre carefully curates vintage + secondhand pieces and reworks them to have a more modern vibe and style. These garments are given a whole new life and saved from a landfill.



Ethically Handmade

It's easy to forget that people are making our clothes. Be in the know about who is making your clothing and under what circumstances. Altre is handcrafted out of a comfortable Columbus, Ohio studio.


ethical + sustainable fashion resources

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Part of Altre's mission is to help open people's eyes to the issues caused by fast fashion. We hope you'll join us in working towards a more eco-friendly and compassionate industry. If you have a great addition to the resources below, please share it!



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The reason why we won’t face up to our problems with the environment is that we are the problem.. We’re the ones telling the corporations to make more stuff, and make it as cheap and as disposable as possible.. We’re in denial that each and every one of us is the problem. And until we face up to that, nothing’s going to happen.
— Yvon Chouinard, environmentalist + patagonia founder