Altre considers our environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of our pieces. From the production process, to when our customers take their new garment home and beyond.

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Sourcing materials

Reworking Vintage + Secondhand Clothing

Altre works with found materials that already exist so we don't contribute to fashion waste. The world is consuming about 80 billion new pieces of clothing each year. This is 400% more than our consumption just two decades ago. We're trying to counteract that unnecessary waste by updating and repairing pieces that already exist. We have plenty to work with.




Managing Waste + Making It Useful

During the production process we collect any useable scraps and sort and store them for future use. Larger pieces may become a garment all it's own, medium size pieces may help make up a portion of a future garment and small pieces and scraps are often used as appliques. Recently we've started utilizing our scraps to make and fill pillows for upcycled home decor. Do you have a creative idea to help us manage our fabric waste? Let's chat!

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pop-up booth

Handmade + Repurposed Materials

For our pop-up booth, we're doing our best to find functional items to fit our needs that are vintage pieces and repurposed found materials. Our checkout table is a vintage wooden ironing board and we use an old apple crate as shelving for display, both purchased from local vintage shops. Our wood and pipe clothing rack was handmade by my Dad of leftover materials from the building of my childhood home - Thanks Dad! All of our business cards and other print materials we pass out are printed on recycled and FSC certified paper.

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hangers & tags

Ditto Hangers + Seed Paper Tags

Our Ditto Hangers are made from 70% post consumer waste as well as recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. These factors were important to us because worldwide, we toss enough hangers to fill 4.6 Empire State Buildings from basement to observation deck every year. This is a huge issue considering most hangers will outlive all of us, taking up to 1,000 years to break down. Get your own Ditto Hangers here. Our latest sustainable initiative is switching over all of our hang tags to seed paper, which can be planted to grow wildflowers.



shopping bags & shipping materials

Upcycled + Recycled Materials

When you make a purchase at one of our pop-ups, you have the option to go bagless or to take home your new clothes in an upcycled t-shirt tote bag. Thrift stores, and probably your closet, are overflowing with old tees. That really bums us out when we think about the 700+ gallons of water it takes for one t-shirt to be produced. That's 3 years worth of drinking water! Let's get our waters worth and keep using those old t-shirts a little longer. If you purchase an Altre piece on Etsy, it's shipped to you in fully recycleable packaging made from recycled material. We kindly request you please reuse or recycle our shipping materials and we remind you of that on the package :)


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clothing care

Low Energy + Eco-Friendly

When caring for your Altre clothing; hand wash cold, use an eco-friendly detergent and hang dry. A whopping 90% of energy used for washing clothes goes toward heating the water, costing you $100+ every year. Many Altre pieces come from vintage and need a little extra TLC– that's why we suggest you hand wash. Before it gets to you, all Altre clothing has been laundered using a detergent that does not contain these toxic chemicals. We suggest you check if yours does and if so, kick it to the curb. You and your clothes deserve better, and so do our waterways. Hang dry your clothes to save even more energy and money. The dryer is pretty rough on your clothes, so make your fav shirt last longer by not heat drying it and live happily ever after.




Sharing Our Love of Ethical + Sustainable Fashion

We truly believe that if more consumers knew about the damage and destruction caused by the fashion industry, people would change the way they shop. There are people behind the clothing that we wear and they deserve to be treated with dignity. Find resources to start learning more here.



repair or recycle promise

If we can't fix it, we'll recycle it for you

If your Altre piece has been loved a long time and starts to show wear, contact us. We'll either repair it or recycle it for you through Community Recycling!